التاريخ: 19/02/2010

كتب بواسطة: ANA

الموضوع: CANADA

I just got my fido iPhone 3G which i placed an order for on the 11th July on the phone, the agent that served me that day told me that i could disable the data connection on their end and they have done that for me, but she told me that some apps would still require 3G network so if i disable it, i would not be able to access some apps, like visual voicemail, which is fine for me since i have caller ID and hate using voicemail. So i plug in it my computer, sync everything, went in to Settings > General > Network and put “Enable 3G” and “Data Roaming” to OFF and type in my WiFi network passcode… i have been able to surf, receive emails, check the weather, google maps etc etc… there’s is no E icon or 3G icon at the top on my status bar, only Fido signal bars and the airport network icon. and my Data Usage shows 0k, which is all good… right?
Then today i called again to order another one for my brother, this time the agent told me that they can’t block data connection for this new one under my brother’s account, it seems like they had feedbacks from customers who tried blocking that they were still able to access 3G and Edge, and this only happens to the iPhone but not any other phones. ??? They said to call again when the new phone arrives at the end of August to see if they have a solution by then. So i told them i will and thank them, they were pretty helpful but it all comes back to them trying to make no guarantees that i will not be charge for data usage per usage if i do not have a data plan.
So that had me worried, and i spend the last 2 hours googling on the web to see if there was a solution to this problem. Seems like everyone is saying different things… so i’m confused now. I just tried turning off my WiFi and enabling 3G and data roaming on the phone, nothing connects, there’s no E or 3G icon. I hope that means my phone is successful blocking both Edge and 3G on Fido’s end.
Well, it’s been two days only now, so i guess i will try taking it outside tomorrow and see if anything funny happens when it leaves my WiFi network, like trying to find connection with other WiFi networks or would it try to connect to 3G or Edge.
David and Danny, I hope that helps…
If anyone else has feedback, we would appreciate it if they all post it up, this way we can compare results

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