Dev Team Confirms: iTunes 9.0.2 Safe for iphone unlocking

10/11/2009 16:32

Apple has recently released iTunes 9.0.2, which comes along with several new features and refinements. Available as a free download, iTunes 9.0.2 will help iPhone users find improvements in app sorting and media syncing. Besides that, you will also be able to add or delete home screens and arrange apps directly in iTunes.

Experts have revealed that with the help of this recently released iTunes 9.0.2, apps purchased on your computer or iPhone will sync automatically. Moreover, iTunes 9.0.2 will also provide options for syncing individual artists, genres, podcasts or television shows. However, the icing on the cake is the good news meant for all of you who have had jailbreak iphones.

MuscleNerd of the iPhone dev team has confirmed that iTunes 9.0.2 will not interfere with your jailbroken and/or unlocked iPhone. In his twitter message MuscleNerd writes, “Just confirmed that today's iTunes 9.0.2 release is safe :) Won't interfere with jailbreak or unlock.”

Check out the iTunes 9.0.2 Features

- The iTunes Store features a brand new look, with enhanced navigation for quick and easy search.

- A new Column Browser that helps you easily browses through your artists or albums, movies, TV shows, and more.

- Exclusive interviews, videos, photos, etc created by iTunes LP and iTunes Extras are available with select album and movie purchases on the iTunes Store.

- With the help of Home Sharing feature, you can not only manage your iTunes collection between computers at home. Besides that, you can also automatically transfer new purchases and can choose just the items you want.

- Now, iTunes helps you create Genius Mixes for you and also play songs from your library that go great together.

- You can now organize your iPhone and iPod touch home screens directly in iTunes with the help of iPod and iPhone syncing. Moreover, syncing is considered more flexible, thus allowing you to sync individual artists, genres, or TV show and Podcast episodes as well

- You can now organize iTunes into their own section in your iTunes library.

- Apart from that, iTunes 9 also includes many other improvements, such as HE-AAC encoding and playback, more flexibility with Smart Playlists rules, simpler organization of your media files inside an iTunes Media folder, and more.

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