Gum Pro for iPhone

22/02/2010 14:19

 The iPhone is undoubtedly one of (or THE) best ever gadgets. It’s so slick, powerful and customizable (with apps, cases e.t.c.). One jaw droppingly annoying downside though - the battery takes a hammering. If you are a heavy iPhone user it’s not uncommon to be re-charging twice a day. Consider that your not always near a power socket and you have a problem! If your on a hiking trip in the middle of nowhere, and want to snap some photos and video, but your battery is dead - what can you do? Build a make-shift solar panel from a spoon and some water?


The Gum Pro

No! Simply purchase a Gum Pro. The Gum Pro is a highly powerful ‘mobile battery pack’ that offers enough output to meet the iPhone’s requirements and enough storage to re-charge the battery 2 - 4 times. Let’s take a look at this miniature power-house!


LED indicators on the front

Features & Specs

As per usual, we’re looking at the facts and figures first, before offering our opinion of the product. The Gum Pro doesn’t disappoint in the specs what so ever!

  • ON/OFF switch for power saving
  • LED indicators for remaining power
  • 4400 mAh high capacity Li-On battery
  • Input (Mini USB) : 5VDC, 500mA Min
  • Output (USB Type A Port) : 5VDC, 1000mA


Several of the above features are worthy of note. The storage is sufficient enough to charge your device several times to 90% battery level in an hour. That means you won’t be stood around waiting for the iPhone to charge too long. In fact, you don’t have to be stood around at all, as this device has a reasonable form-factor so that it would fit in even the smallest of pockets. Another noteworthy feature is the mini-usb input charging. Because you don’t need a plug socket, you can simply charge the Gum Pro from your MacBook USB ports. That means when your out and about, you can re-charge the Gum Pro too, keeping your iPhone going for longer. Personally, I prefer this method of charging over a wall adapter, because it reduces issues with plug compatibility when traveling and negates the need to go searching for sockets.


As with our recent review of the JustMobile Xstand, the Gum Pro arrived in a very smart looking box. I know this is only the packaging, but it shows the kind of quality and level of detail invested in each JustMobile product. Sliding open the box, you are presented with the device held neatly inside and the included USB cable and instructions hidden underneath.


The Gum Pro on charge. Note the size compared to hand.

Holding the Gum Pro in your hand, it feels light, no more heavy than say your iPhone, but bearing in mind this has the equivalent of 6 Sub-C cell type batteries and it’s understandable. The shell is plastic and pretty touch. The surround has a matte finish so sticky finger-prints don’t become a problem. Thanks to the lozenge shape, it’s comfortable to hold in the hand or place into a pocket, with no sharp edges to jab your leg. The Gum Pro should fit into any pocket, or failing that you can always place this in your gadget or camera bag when traveling.


The Gum Pro looks great on any desk!

Located on the top side is a standard USB port and it’s at this side you plug in your iPhone charging cable. On the opposite side, is the mini-usb port that supplies the Gum Pro with power. Situated on the top side are the 3 battery level indicators (showing the Gum Pros own power level and current charging state) and the on-off switch. That’s pretty much all there is to the device, which is simply and subtly styled.



The Gum Pro in action, charging our iPhone.

And now it’s crunch time. We’ve run our iPhone 3Gs down to about 30% battery. Our scenario is we’re out and about in the town, and need to charge our iPhone stat! One fully charged Gum Pro is pulled from our pocket then connected to the iPhone. We get the charging “blip” and we pop it back into our pocket or laptop bag. Simple! Just as promised the Gum Pro charges our iPhone from 30% to 100% in about an hour. The best feature of the Gum Pro has to be that you can simply be anywhere and top-up your iPhone for extra time. Literally anywhere, making this product ideal for travellers and busy people who need the iPhone but also need more power!


The Gum Pro is one of the must have iPhone accessories. If you ever need to be on the move or go without a plug socket for more than a day you need this gadget. JustMobile products are carried by many popular online retailers, for more information visit: Xstand.