iPhone photography apps

22/02/2010 13:06

 Hi iPhoneLibya readers ....


These are one of the best photography apps that u can get from the apps store....

Some of these are for serious editing, and some are more for fun. We haven't used them all so if you want to let us know what has worked best for you, or maybe an app we have missed, please add your comments at the bottom.



This clever little application can change boring profile photographs into comic portraits, or even give them an authentic old world feel. All you need to do is take a new photograph or select a photo from your iPhone photo library and then select a mask from Oldbooth. There are stacks of male and female bodies to choose from and you can resize, rotate and even adjust the brightness of your photo to match. Once done, just fit your profile photo into the mask and you have a brand new, old world photograph of yourself. You can download Oldbooth from the Apple App Store for 2 Libyan Dinars .





Want to add a funky retro look to your photos? Polarize will do the job for you!


iSwap Faces


iSwap Faces morphs one person into another for everyone’s entertainment.




Get creative with this great editing tool. CameraBag enables you to apply 8 different filter effects to your photos, based on camera type. For instance you can apply a fish eye filter, or select '1962' to turn your color photograph into a black and white image. Other filters enable you to give your images washed out highlights, or unique coloring. You can even crop the images using the 'Helga' filter. CameraBag is available to download in the Apple App Store for 5 Libyan Dinars .




Amaze your friends with some fantastic panoramic pictures you took with your iPhone. Of course you do need to buy the 3rd party application Pano create the panoramas, but at 4 Libyan dinars it is well worth it. All you need to do is select, or take a few consecutive photographs and Pano will stitch them together seamlessly. The application comes with a handy guide to help you line up the shots and make the resulting photograph look professional. You can download Pano from the Apple App Store for 4 Libyan Dinars .



Night Camera

Photographs taken at night from your phone tend to come out blurry due to the longer exposure time needed under poor lighting conditions. Night Camera helps to sharpen photographs taken on your iPhone at night. When you depress the shutter, Night Camera takes accelerometer readings for 3 seconds and when it determines that your hands are steady enough, it will take the photograph. At only 2 Libyan dinars , Night Camera is an essential iPhone application for any photographer.