Powermat wireless charging system hits shelves

15/02/2010 23:03

Powermat wireless charging mat in now available

Powermat wireless charging mat in now available


The Powermat range of wireless charging products we first spied at CES 2009 are now available for purchase. The system consists of a plug in charging mat and a receiver embedded in a cover for your portable device that allows you to "drop and charge" without having to to fiddle with cords as well as simultaneously charge multiple devices.

There's two types of mat on offer - one for home and office plus a folding portable version for travel - both are priced at US$99.

The receiver cases are available for Nintendo DS (US$30) and Apple iPhone 3G and iPod Touch (US$40). There's also a receiver dock catering for standard iPod Classic and iPod nanos as well (US$40).

Rather than a case, Blackberry products (Bold, Pearl, Curve 8300 and 8900) get a battery door replacement which is priced at $US30.

The range is rounded-off by a "Powercube Universal Receiver" which connects to portable devices via interchangeable tips. It costs US$30.

Powermat says the system will charge as fast or faster than your plug in cord and an "RFID handshake" between mat and receiver ensures that the exact amount of power is delivered, with an auto-shut off function ensuring no wastage.