Rumor: Apple Also Developing Mac OS X-based, 15.4″ Tablet

02/02/2010 19:55


iTablet Concept

Silly TiPb, we should have known the very moment after Apple introduced the iPhone OS-based iPad, rumors would be revisited that an Mac OS X-based, 15.4″ version was also being developed. Sure enough, here comes TechCrunchsaying just that.

The info is based on a second hand source with main point corroboration from a second source (no names!)

If there is any truth to that, we could learn something as soon as Apple’s WWDC event this year, which will likely take place in June (just as it does every year). Apple typically uses the event to show off its new iPhone hardware, but it is first and foremost an event for Mac platform developers, and the past two years have seen OS X as a major component. This included two years ago when Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6) made a surprise appearance and developers got a very early peek. There is already talk that WWDC 2010 could bring a similar peek at OS X 10.7. If there are some significant multi-touch components to OS X 10.7, you can expect the rumors to start flying about this new device that I’m talking about (or possibly touchscreen iMacs).

Yes, there have been rumors of touchscreen iMacs as well, which makes TiPb think maybe — just maybe — Apple is integrating multitouch screens into all their computers going forward, and the 15.4″ just represents the future of the MacBook Pro. iPad would then be a more literal bridge between iPhone and iMac — multitouch smartphone, appliance, and computer, one for consumers, one for pros.

No doubt Apple has — and has always had — any number of devices in their secret labs. When and if multitouch Macs see the light of day depends on when and if Apple and Steve Jobs think they can productize them.

Do you think Apple productize the multitouch Mac yet? Do you want them to?