Say Who, Say Where? Two Free Voice Recognition iPhone Apps

13/10/2009 15:13


Well, today I was looking for something for myself completely unrelated to this in the App Store. While perusing the Utilities section I came a cross an App simply named “Say Who - Dialer“. I read the description and here was another VR proggy, like Vocalia…And it said “FREE”. So I said to myself, “Self, let’s see what this thing does. I mean it’s free right?” and self said to me….. “Meh, why not?” So I DL’d it. All I can say is WOW! I mean just…WOW! This App is free? FREE!?! Let me say this one more time for you all….F-R-E-E!

It does everything it boasts. The app takes about as long to boot up as your contact list. This is a bonus since no further precious time is wasted that already is. Operation is as easy as the instructions read. Once the app opens, hold down the button and speak into the microphone and say….”Jenny on cellphone” Or “Billy at home” and after about 2-5 sec, the app reads your contact list, and zeros in on the name. And if you are specific with the name as it is in your list? It is deadly accurate. So far I have experienced NO ERRORS. The name will appear in the next layer with a 3 sec count down to dial it, with 3-5 of the next closest matches (just in case). And then? Ring ring…..I mean, amazing. What’s more, the app allows for direct number entry via voice. And no need to speak to it like you would a foreigner looking for directions, all loud and spaced out…2-1-2-5-4-6…..Just say it like you would speaking to a person….212-546-….And so help me, if the app does not recognize what you said to the “T” and you’re dialing and stylin’. It recognizes nicknames too (just be sure to have that nickname written in the field of the intended persons info in the contact list). It is not trainable, but IMO? Not really necessary. And I am unclear as to how well it works with those with broken English or heavy accents. (I personally speak very clearly and with a neutral accent, and very musically; if I do say so myself) And in the description “SayWho - Dialer” plugged their sister app, “Say Where!“.

“Say Where” is another amazing app…I mean simply, amazing. It works for Google maps (for directions and business searches), Yelp, Yellow Pages, and Here is how this works for Maps/Direction and Yellow Pages. You simply open the app, choose your function, hit the main button for that function. Click “My location”. Hold the button down and state your location address, It gives you a bunch of choices matching your stated location. Then choose and do the same for ending address…..

Hit “Go”, and you are slipped over to Google maps, all your entries are automatically entered and the directions just flow…..The time this saves you from actually needing to type in all the info into the entry fields is markedly noticeable, and extremely convenient! The Yellow Pages function operates similarly and works divinely. Oh, did I mention yet that this app is also, FREE? I cannot say enough good things about these apps so far. I highly recommend them for use and everyone should have them. I mean WHY NOT, THEY’RE FREE! They’re functional, useful, accurate and again….FREE! Get them now.