Use your iPhone as a viewfinder

08/04/2010 11:18

 Viewfinder app on iPhone

The default view shows the frame lines for the chosen focal lengths, but users can tap the screen and just illuminate the length they want.

(Credit: The Luminous Landscape)


Besides helping you locate a restaurant for dinner or find out when the next bus arrives, the iPhone can also capture interesting pictures (with the help of some apps, of course). But the application we're talking about here, the Viewfinder, is not for taking pictures. Rather, it's to help professionals frame their shots before pressing the shutter or rolling the film.

Viewfinder (available on the iTunes App Store for 10 Dinars ) makes use of the device's onboard camera and lays grids on it to simulate the focal length you specify. If you're using a 50mm lens, the screen shows the scene and a box with the view you would get on your camera. So, instead of squinting through the snapper's viewfinder, you can now do it on your phone first and then reposition your shooter for the shot.

If you're using a medium-format digital camera, you'll have to pay 8 Dinars more for the Pro version which supports more models.