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16/10/2010 02:44



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Stuart Hughes Diamond Encrusted iPhone 4

Have a few million kicking around in the bank account to spend on frivolous items? How about a diamond encrusted iPhone 4? Sound about right? Then keep reading!

The electronics customization expert extraordinaire Stuart Hughes has outdone himself with his new iPhone 4 creation. Don’t be fooled by the image above, as this isn’t a case, but an actual iPhone 4 encrusted with over 500 diamonds, totaling more than 100 karats. Yowza. Delivered to you in a custom granite box, it’ll set you back a cool £5 million. If you’re doing the conversion, that works out to almost 8 million USD. Crazy.

If I had that kind of money kicking around I’d be tempted to do some other things… like, oh, I don’t know… build a new community center, feed the homeless, invest in local schools and businesses… you know, good stuff. But hey, if having the ‘world’s most expensive phone’ in your collection is important to you… then more power to you. I wonder how much this thing would cost to insure? :)

Topic: World’s Most Expensive Mobile is ...

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