Xstand for iPhone

22/02/2010 14:23

Today we review the Xstand for iPhone, a machined aluminum stand for your iPhone. Find out our views on the product here.


Apple don’t make a stand for the iPhone, but if they did the chances are it would be machined out of a single piece of aluminum, look and feel amazing and finally, it’d cost the price of a small family car.

Fortunately, JustMobile have come to the rescue with their highly popular iPhone stand line-up, it certainly looks the part but is priced very sensibly. Today we’ll be giving their iPhone stand offering the once over.


  • All solid aluminum construction
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • Adjustable viewing angle
  • Cable management
  • Non-slip feet

As you can see, the Xstand is an excellent piece of technical work. The stand part is machined from one single piece of matte aluminum. About half way down the stand, you’ll find a hole to insert cables - very much like the iMac cable holes. Sitting atop this base that basically is styled like a mini-iMac is the X part - that is the phone holder. This is attached to the base by a large Thumb Screw on a very beefy 7 - 8 mm screw.

Included are 2 rubber washers that act to allow the top to swivel and adjust view angles - which is achieved by simply sliding the top up and down the machined channel in which it sits. Finally, the Holder has 4 rubberised grips at each corner to give your phone a secure and cushy placement.


High quality packaging ensures your product arrives in factory mint condition! Gives the product a real high-class feel


Opening the box…

Technically, this product is excellent. There are no unneeded elements, everything is there for a reason and this gives it a very Apple-esque look.


The hole at the back of stand allows for neat cabling

Initial impressions


The stand holding our iPhone

Upon receiving this package, we eagerly opened up the outer postage packing to be greeted by the site of a very expensive looking package. The package has various chrome detailing on and is finished in a matte effect which gives the product a high quality feel. Sliding open the box, you are first met with a view of the X holder. This looks great. Sliding out another internal package reveals the lower base and a JustMobile brochure. The Xstand is fastened to the removable packaging, keeping it safe during shipping. On the underside, there are 2 diagrams displaying how to re-assemble the product, which is as simple as unscrewing the thumbscrew and slotting this through the groove on the top of the base.


Holding the iPhone as we watching some online TV

This is a very simple procedure, and the washers also had protective cardboard gromits on either end presumably to reduce the chance of wear whilst shipping. We removed these.


The gnarled thumb screw that allows for tightening of the base. Machining here is excellent. You can also see the Rubber (and card) washers.

Fully assembled the stand looks fantastic! It really compliments any desktop, and looks great next to your iMac or Macbook - which is where it will be spending most of it’s time.



Looks excellent next to our iMac and wireless keyboard

The stand may look top heavy - but in actually fact the wide leg and rubber strip that runs around the underside mean it sticks to most surfaces very well. When rotating the iPhone to a new orientation it remains firmly planted, and it would take a very firm push to knock it over.

The swiveling head works smoothly and offers 360 orientation. This makes the stand great if you like to watch movies when your in bed or just relaxing. This is one of the biggest uses I can see for the stand, that of making your device much more comfortable to use in situations where you may be watching it for an hour or two.


Side profile without the iPhone in place

Another use I’ve found is simply having set-up next to my iMac as a charging dock and also to offer up new SMS messages as I get them. You won’t ever miss a text again! The rubber holders do a very good job of keeping your iPhone in place but it isn’t locked in place, so removal is pretty easy in case you get a call or need to go out.


Rubberized underside stops scratching and gives the device some grip!

Typing on the xstand also works very well. In landscape mode it is possible to send an email like typing on a miniature keyboard, rather than using your thumbs. This with practice should be quicker.


The wide base offers stability and sexy looks - just like a mini iMac


To conclude, the Xstand is great! The quality is excellent, there are no rough burs on this silky smooth piece of machine awesomeness. It’s very stable and most importantly it holds your iPhone securely while you watch a movie or check your emails. A fantastic accessory and well worth it’s weight in pure gold. My only regrets are we didn’t purchase one sooner!

You can find out more about the excellent line-up of Xstand products for the iPhone and other Apple products here:Xstand. JustMobile have developed some truly brilliant products, so you should check these out. Stand by for further reviews from the JustMobile range in the future.