Yahoo Mobile App With Voice Search!

13/10/2009 14:50


Yahoo! Mobile App with Voice Search

     A few days ago, Yahoo’s “not-as-popular-as-Google” mobile iPhone application was updated to v1.1. They had planned for an advanced Java application in an attempt to lure more iPhone users to use their services. It turns out that they just.. gave up! Instead they added a slightly different interface with “Press + Speak.” You press the button, state your search, and Yahoo’s “oneSearch” will provide you with search results.


     Google on the other hand, already had a voice search feature for their very own Google Mobile App MONTHS ago. Not only that, Google Mobile detects when your headset is next to your ear and will prompt you to speak for search results. Yahoo does not. I believe this is because the iTunes App Store was more lenient with Google due to it being one of the biggest international companies in the world. I view Yahoo as Google’s “kiddie-size.” Basically Google is in the lead on anything when competing with Yahoo.





     However I recently downloaded the app and found it more useful than Google’s. Some advantages it has are instant Yahoo! News, “Hot Searches”, multiple e-mail accounts, social networking sites (like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, & MySpace), and much much more. Now having this application, I had no use for others alike. I especially liked the “Hot Searches” because it had the ability to instantly get results for news, movies and etc that people are talking about. It helps me stay recent and in sync with the rest of the world. I also got rid of most of my other applications because I had no use for them anymore and besides, they just took up page space.


     Of course, the application is 100% free and you can find it on the iTunes App Store. It has a file size of just 1.6 MB so grab it with your choice of Wi-Fi, 3G, or EDGE. Happy downloading!